Health & Wellness

In an attempt to drive change in our current health care system, as well as increase access to timely and efficient health care, NP Elyse offers a limited array of medical services under a private fee-for-service model.

What can a Nurse Practitioner do?

Nurse practitioners assess, diagnose, treat and monitor a wide range of health problems using an evidence based approach to their practice. They consult and collaborate with physicians and other health care professionals to meet the needs of the patient population. Chronic disease management, health promotion and illness prevention, as well as helping patients navigate through the health care system are integral to their approach to patient care. Engaging patients as full partners in their care plan with attention to self-care to the extent that patients are willing and able to participate is an important aspect of the underlying philosophy of NPLCs. In addition, nurse practitioners are experts in community health care needs assessment and program planning, implementation and evaluation. These programs are targeted to specific health care needs identified in collaboration with their communities. To learn more about NPs in Ontario, visit the links below.

Acute/Episodic Medical Appointment

Non-urgent medical concern requiring timely assessment and management.


NP's in Ontario are unfortunately unable to bill OHIP, therefore cost of appointment will be the responsibility of the patient. This information will always be discussed in greater detail before the appointment to ensure patient's consent is obtained before proceeding. 

Some scenarios where booking an appointment with NP Elyse may be appropriate include, but is not limited to:

 - diagnose and treat illness and/or injuries
- order and interpret diagnostic tests
- write prescriptions
- provide counselling and education
- provide supportive care through illness
- provide treatments and/or procedures
- make referrals to specialists and other health professionals

- medical form completion (Driver's Medical, WSIB)

- lesion assessment (and/or removal for pathology/aesthetic purposes)



The goal of therapy (a.k.a. psychotherapy, talk therapy, counselling) is different for everyone, but it is often to inspire positive change and improve quality of life. One may seek therapy for help overcoming various obstacles to their well-being. Therapy can help increase positive feelings of compassion and self-esteem, while learning new skills for handling difficult decisions, making healthy decisions, and reaching personal goals. Others may look at therapy as an opportunity to gain self-awareness and growth.

NP Elyse takes a unique integrative approach to therapy and asks her clients to commit to a "transformation" where they actively introduce a healthy lifestyle (fitness and nutrition) alongside regular therapy sessions. 


Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction & Pain Management

This is for those who suffer from movement and pain in the jaw or surrounding area. In collaboration with Moose Lake Dental Owner Dr. Rudik, NP Elyse will assess and manage your TMJ dysfunction and pain.


One modality offered may be the use of neuromodulator. Botox® can be injected into the temporalis, frontal and masseter muscles that together can cause jaw pain and headaches. Botox® works by blocking nerve signals that cause uncontrollable muscle movements and therefore relaxes these muscles. Botox® injections take only 10 minutes and remain effective for anywhere between two and six months. Botox® TMJ treatments are often repeated every 3 months, but most patients who receive Botox treatment regularly after a couple of years can decrease frequency of retreatment due to the muscle atrophy that occurs over time.  INSURANCE COVERAGE MAY APPLY, BUT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT TO KNOW THESE DETAILS IN ADVANCE.


Medical Migraine Management with Neuromodulator

BOTOX® is indicated for the prophylaxis of headaches in adult patients with Chronic Migraine (≥ 15 days per month with headache lasting 4 hours a day or longer). The process takes about 10 minutes every 3 months. INSURANCE COVERAGE MAY APPLY, BUT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT TO KNOW THESE DETAILS IN ADVANCE.