NP Elyse

Nurse Practitioner, Medical Director, & Owner of Brain & Body Co.

Meet Elyse!

Elyse is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Primary Health Care and Medical Aesthetics. She currently resides in Guelph, ON. In addition to owning and operating Brain & Body Co., she also practices part-time in Family Medicine. 


Elyse's initial degree was from The University of Guelph, where she received extensive education in human anatomy and pathophysiology in the Human Kinetics program; simultaneously, via the Sociology program, she developed an advanced understanding of social life, change, and human interaction. This university education equipped her with the knowledge needed to successfully enter and complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at The University of Toronto. Upon completion, she obtained several years of valuable career experience working as a Registered Nurse in Toronto, Ontario. Elyse eventually returned to the University of Toronto to complete the Masters of Nursing - Nurse Practitioner program in 2019.


As an NP in family medicine, she quickly became frustrated with the lack of mental health support/resources. Elyse recognized that to feel better mentally, the brain and body needed to be addressed in unison - hence the name Brain & Body Co.


Elyse also holds a strong love for medical aesthetics, but found herself disappointed in the stigma attached to it. She recognized that this stigma existed as a result of poorly executed treatments secondary to a lack of regulation in the field as well as poor baseline anatomy knowledge. 


To further solidify her knowledge and expertise in fitness and nutrition, Elyse completed her personal training certification through the International Sports Sciences Association. Additionally, is certified in advanced dermal filler and Botox injection techniques via APT Injection Training


Elyse's clients can be rest assured that her approach is up-to-date, of high-quality, and is evidence-based. You will leave your sessions feeling motivated to establish - and maintain - a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Her approach is casual, comfortable, fun, and goal-oriented.