The Practitioners WORKING TO ENSURE you

Nurse Practitioner Elyse

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Nurse Practitioner & Medical Director

Owner of Brain & Body Co.

Down to earth, warm-hearted & hardworking.

A lover of art and science.


Nurse Laura

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Registered Practical Nurse (RN Candidate)

Lead Nurse Injector at Brain & Body Co.

A beautiful smile, a gentle touch & a fantastic laugh.

A true master at injectables.


Dr. Rudik

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Family Dentist

Owner of Moose Lake Dental 

(A.K.A the current home of Brain & Body Co.)

The kind & caring "Tooth Carpenter"


"When we look in the mirror at ourselves we seem to think we are seeing an image of us that is aging "naturally" ... instead, it is often the reflection of self neglect and adversity. It is time to change that mundane way of living and allow ourselves to feel good, look good, and do good. 

- Elyse Poulin, MN-NP (PHC)