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Meet Nurse Laura,

Nurse Injector Specialist at Brain & Body Co.

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Meet Nurse Laura, RPN (& RN in training)​

Laura is not new to the beauty industry, having participated in this growing field for over 20 years! 

Throughout her years of career exploration as a nurse, she has always maintained a strong passion for medical aesthetics. Laura is certified in advanced neuromodulators and dermal filler technique, and regularly engages in advanced technique classes to ensure her skill continue to be up-to-date and evidence-based in this EVER evolving beauty industry. 

Laura also has extra certification in sclerotherapy, phlebotomy and intravenous access. 

At this time, Laura is working part-time at Brain & Body Co. amongst her many other roles as a mom of two children, a wife, a student (completing her RN BSCN), AND working part time at a local hospital providing direct patient care!

Laura has exceptional injector skills and noticeably enhances her client's natural beauty. You will NOT be disappointed with your results!

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